Seasonal Information, & Permits


Just a few reminders of some of our policies;

FALL:  Remember after raking your leaves, please do not burn your leaves on the roadway or in the ditch line.  After several years, burning on the roadway will break down the asphalt, and the left-over ashes in the ditch line will build up and cause a blockage in your culvert.

WINTER: Please remember not to park your vehicles on the roadway during the months of November through April.  This makes it easier for the snowplows to clear your roads and won’t block your vehicle in a snow bank.  While clearing your driveway, don’t push the snow out into the township’s roadway, this is a “finable offence” throughout the county.  Mailboxes - before winter sets in, check your post to make sure it is in good condition and not rotted at the base.  While plowing snow, as the wet snow rolls off the blade, the weight of the snow can force a “bad” mailbox post to fall over.  Lastly, please remember to watch out for the plows while they are on the roads, show them the courtesy of allowing them to do their job.  Safety first is a good watch word, don’t try to pass them while they are working, and everyone will get where they are going .

BUILDING PERMITS / RIGHT OF WAY PERMITS:  Save yourself a trip the next time you need a building permit or right of way permit.  Stop at the Road District Office first, before you go to the County Courthouse.  Due to new rulings throughout the county, you must get permission from the Highway Commissioner first.  We have the paperwork.  You will need to post a refundable  $500.00 bond and have an inspection by the Highway Commissioner.  Please call us first, at 815-678-4144 for details and hours.