Meeting Minutes and Agendas

The minutes of the Township Board, Commissions and Committees are drafts until approved at the next scheduled meeting. NOTE: Some boards, commissions or committees meet on an as needed basis. As a result there may only be a minimal amount of minutes available for those groups.

If you have any questions concerning Minutes, please contact the Clerk at the Township at (815) 815-678-0077.

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Board of Trustees Feb 14, 2018 PDF icon Agenda February 14.pdf
Board of Trustees October 11 PDF icon Agenda Oct 11.pdf
Special Board Meeting October PDF icon Agenda Oct 4 Special.pdf PDF icon Minutes October 4 special.pdf
Board of Trustees September 13 PDF icon Agenda Sep 13.pdf PDF icon Minutes September 13.pdf
Board of Trustees August 9 PDF icon Agenda August 9.pdf PDF icon Minutes August 9.pdf
Board of Trustees June 14, 2017 PDF icon Agenda June 14.pdf PDF icon Minutes June 14, 2017.pdf
Board of Trustees July 19 PDF icon Agenda July 19.pdf PDF icon Minutes July 19, 2017.pdf
Board of Trustees Agenda PDF icon Agenda July 12 RESCHED.pdf
Board of Trustees May 10 PDF icon Agenda May 10.pdf PDF icon Minutes May 10, 2017.pdf
Board of Trustees April 12, 2017 PDF icon Agenda April 12.pdf PDF icon Minutes April 12 2017.pdf
Annual Town Meeting 2017 PDF icon Agenda 2017.pdf
Board of Trustees March 8, 2017 PDF icon Agenda March 8.pdf PDF icon Minutes March 8, 2017.pdf
Board of Trustees feb 8, 2017 PDF icon Agenda Feb 8.pdf PDF icon Minutes Feb 8, 2017.pdf