Meeting Minutes and Agendas

The minutes of the Township Board, Commissions and Committees are drafts until approved at the next scheduled meeting. NOTE: Some boards, commissions or committees meet on an as needed basis. As a result there may only be a minimal amount of minutes available for those groups.

If you have any questions concerning Minutes, please contact the Clerk at the Township at (815) 815-678-0077.

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Board of Trustees October 14, 2020 PDF icon October 14,2020 minutes.pdf
Board of Trustees November 11 PDF icon Agenda for 11_11_2020 Trustee meeting.pdf
Special Meeting Board of Trustees October 28 PDF icon Special Meeting October 28^LJ 2020 Agenda.pdf
Board of Trustees September 9 PDF icon September 9^J2020 minutes.pdf
Board of Trustees Oct 14 PDF icon Board of Trustees Agenda October 14.pdf
Board of Trustees August 12 PDF icon August 12^J2020a minutes.pdf
Board of Trustees September 9, 2020 PDF icon Agenda for September 9 2020 Trustee meeting.pdf
Board of Trustees May 13 PDF icon May 13.2020 minutes.pdf
Board of Trustees July 8 PDF icon Meeting Minutes 81220.pdf
Board of Trustees Aug 12 PDF icon 2020-08-12 Agenda.pdf
Board of Trustees June 10 PDF icon June 10b. 2020 minutes.pdf
Board of Trustees July 8 PDF icon Agenda July 8 2020.pdf
Updated Agenda June 10,2020 PDF icon Agenda June 10a.pdf