Brush Pick-up Services

We will be doing a Brush Pick Up the first Monday of each month, beginning with
the month of April, and continue through the Spring and Summer.  We normally end
with the onset of Fall or Labor Day.

Trimmed branches are to be placed "cut area" facing the road side, on the edge
of your property.  Please do not pile them so high that they are a danger to yourself
and the workers.  You may line them up all along your property road side so they
can drive along and place them in the "chipper".

We encourage you to get your branches cut and in place the week-end before the
first of Monday of the month.

You will also need to call (815-678-4144) and leave your name, address, and a phone 
number.  This way we will not miss you, since we only pick-up once a month.

Dave Bockelmann,
Highway Commissioner"