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2014 Assessment Information

  • Assessments were submitted by my office to the county office.
  • On June 11, 2014, the county will do two things:

1. Publish in the Northwest Herald, only those parcels* with 2014 value changes. *All parcel assessments are published in the newspaper every 4 years. The next quadrennial event will occur in 2015.

2. Send out individual 2014 assessment notices for all parcels via the U.S. Post Office.

The newspaper publication date marks the beginning of the 30-day state statutory assessment appeal period,

June 11, 2014 through July 11, 2014.


July 11, 2014 is the last day to file an appeal at the
McHenry County Woodstock office

Appeals can not be accepted at the Richmond Township office.

Your mailed assessment notice will state the 2014 values and full market value of the property, as of the legal valuation date,   January 1, 2014. The notice also provides steps to take if you have evidence to support an appeal of your assessment. Keep in mind, an appeal of assessed value is not an appeal of your tax bill. If you believe your assessment is correct but have issue with the amount of the tax bill, please direct your questions to the specific local government(s) shown on your actual tax bill. 

This year, all those who will be appealing their 2014 assessment, will be required to complete an appeal package and file the documents at the McHenry County office, 2200 N. Seminary Ave., Woodstock, IL 60098, prior to the end of the day, Friday, July 11, 2014. When the appeal has been received, processed and returned to township for response, my office will call those appealing, to schedule an appointment if necessary, to review the evidence and perhaps find resolve of the issue at my level. In the event a resolve is not attained, by filing at the county you will have preserved your right to a formal hearing at a later date. Appeal documents are available by going to website www.co.mchenry.il.us and while there, you will also find a very helpful tutorial on “How to File an Assessment Appeal” under Departments/Assessments/Forms/Rules.

Are You Getting Your Exemptions?

As part of your effort to lower your assessed value, be sure to review your most recent tax bill to see that you are receiving all qualified owner-occupied homestead exemptions, such as:

  • Homestead Exemption – primary residence only; no application required. However, check your latest tax bill to be sure you are receiving this automatic exemption.  If you are not, call our office at 815-678-2014.
  • Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption – primary residence; one owner must be 65 years of age or older
  • Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze – primary residence, 65 years of age or older; length of occupancy and income criteria apply
  • Disabilities Exemptions – includes general public and veterans
  • Returning Veterans Exemption – one time reduction the year veteran returns from armed conflict

For a complete list of exemptions, definitions and qualifications, go to www.mchenrytreasurer.org  (See link in the sidebar).

Notes of importance as you consider your right to appeal your assessed value:

  • An assessment reduction does not guarantee a reduced tax bill
  • Local units of government “tax levy amounts” are determined by the officials of government, not your Assessor
  • The “total assessed value” for the taxing district, less exemptions, equals the “taxable assessment”. The “levy amount” divided by the “taxable assessment” determines the “tax rate”.
  • As assessments decrease tax rates typically increase
  • A state equalization factor increases the county-wide assessments for that specific year (not carried forward) to arrive at the state required 3-year (2011-2012-2013) median level of assessments at 33.33% of market value. It does not increase the tax revenue to governments.

For answers to frequently asked questions about your tax bill (below), please go to the Mc Henry Treasurer’s website at www.mchenrytreasurer.org.

  1. What are the hours for the Treasurer's office?
  2. How and where can I pay my tax bill?
  3. Can I use my credit card for payment?
  4. How do I get a receipt for my payment?
  5. Can I make a partial payment on my bill?
  6. Do you honor postmark?
  7. What should I do if I never received or I lost my tax bill?
  8. The mailing address on my tax bill is incorrect, how do I change it?
  9. I bought my house in the middle of the year. Why do I have to pay taxes on a whole year?
  10. How does my mortgage company know what my property taxes are?
  11. Should I just have my tax bill sent to my mortgage company?
  12. My mortgage company and I both paid the taxes due on the same installment. Will you send the double payment back to me?
  13. I refinanced my mortgage recently. If there is a mix-up and my taxes aren't paid on time, how will I know?
  14. My mortgage company holds money in escrow to pay my property taxes. If they pay them late, who is responsible to pay penalties and late fees?
  15. What if I have to pay my taxes late?
  16. What if I am unable to pay my taxes?
  17. If my taxes are sold at tax sale will I lose my property?
  18. I have questions about the value of my property, who do I contact?
  19. I have questions about the exemptions available to me?
  20. I have questions about the tax rates for my area, who do I contact?

2014 Assessor Update

This summer we will be doing more field work to document new home and new business parcels, improvements and property card updates. You may notice a team working in your neighborhood or area. In addition, we will also be striving to complete the challenging effort of converting all paper files and documents to computer form. We believe this will greatly improve the over-all efficiencies of the office and reduce our paper footprint.

No one need remind property owners of our challenging economy and the profound affect it has had on property values since 2008. In return, we have all been challenged to step up our own budgetary responsibilities through self-education. Fortunately today we are able to do most of our research on line. We hope the websites and links we have provided make your efforts possible (see link box above). We will continue to bring you more information if we believe it beneficial.

If you have any further questions not addressed above; if you are having difficulties completing any forms, understanding any jargon or simply need something notarized, please call the office or reach us via fax or e-mail.

Have a safe summer!

Your Richmond Township Assessor
Patricia O'Neill


www.mchenrytreasurer.org - for tax bill questions and general information i.e. exemptions)

www.co.mchenry.il.us - for forms, "How to File an Assessment Appeal" and other general information-including Athena under Maps-Aerial GIS on the opening page

http://www.mchenrycountygis.org/Athena/ - for public property search viewer